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ITT Controls has almost 50 years experience in the petrochemical and process industries. We focus on development, maintenance and repair of systems and processes in the oil and gas industry. Service and quality are of high importance. That’s why we only deliver quality brands.

McDonnell & Miller Marlow Pumps Drager ITT ITT Marlow Elco Heating Burners Ermaf ITT Reznor Scheer Regulators Klockner American Meter Company Hydramotor Elco Oskamp


ITT Fluid Handling 47-2/247-2 Mechanical Water Feeder/LWCO

ITT Fluid Handling

ITT Fluid Handling RBT-3000 LWCO & Fuel Economizer

ITT Fluid Handling

ITT Fluid Handling RS-1-HP High Pressure Remote Sensor

ITT Fluid Handling

ITT Fluid Handling Series PFC Liquid Level Controls

ITT Fluid Handling

McDonnell & Miller Series 67 - Low Water Cut-Offs

McDonnell & Miller

McDonnell & Miller Series 750B-C3/C4 Chamber

McDonnell & Miller

McDonnell & Miller Low Water Cut Off mechanical

McDonnell & Miller

McDonnell & Miller WFE Uni Mach Electronic Feeder

McDonnell & Miller

McDonnell & Miller Ambient Pressure Remote Sensor AS-5S

McDonnell & Miller

McDonnell & Miller Series 551-S Make-Up Water Feeder

McDonnell & Miller

ITT Fluid Handling 750 and 751P/752P Low Water Cut-Offs

ITT Fluid Handling

McDonnell & Miller 750 and 751P/752P Low Water Cut-Offs

McDonnell & Miller

ITT Fluid Handling Probe Rods

ITT Fluid Handling

Barton Differential Pressure Units


McDonnell & Miller Series 27-W Valve

McDonnell & Miller

McDonnell & Miller Series 767 - Low Water Cut-Offs

McDonnell & Miller

Barton Instruments IT-12 Indicating Transmitter

Barton Instruments

Barton Instruments Model 752 and 753 Electronic Transmitter

Barton Instruments

Cameron GROVE G12 Gate Valve


Barton Floco_Flotrac PD Meters


ITT News

19 Apr

PENN Lube Oil Controls and Float and Flow Controls

For the oil and gas industry we sell all kinds of products and parts such as heating pumps, gas meters, gas regulators, pressure gauges, pressure regulators, control valves, globe valves, open-close ball

12 Apr

Looking for Landis Staefa Valves, Cranes and Actuators?

Innovative applications of Landis Staefa are the result of extensive, market-oriented research and development programs with a view to providing key technologies for new processes and applications. The

29 Mar

Looking for Suntec Gear Pumps and Electromagnetic Pumps?

Special offer this month!
Suntec shut off valves and solenoid valves are known for their durability and quality. The oil pumps have a built-in solenoid valve and cut-ff and cut-on function that is

22 Mar

The future of the valve technology begins with Staiger valves!

The range of Staiger products include solenoid valves, valve electronics and pneumatic modules. Staiger Valve electronics are for sale and on stock. Check our website for more information: http://ittcontrols.com/brands/staiger-valves/

15 Mar

Barton Instruments 200A, 226C and 227C Indicators on stock!

Model 226C 3-inch Indicator

The Barton Instruments M226C is a DP Indicator that is actuated by Barton’s M224C rupture-proof DPU.

The M226C is used in applications where weight and

8 Mar

Emerson Pactrol Gas Controls for sale!

Emerson Pactrol is a leader in safety and control electronics. Emerson Pactrol products can be bought at ITT Controls. 

Emerson Pactrol delivers various products such as:
Emerson Pactrol

1 Mar

Looking for FEMA Valves for the oil and gas industry?

The products of Fema can be used in many applications such as monitoring of flammable liquids and gases, as well as steam and hot water. Sensors and pressure switches play an important role in the management

22 Feb

Elster American Meter Company Gas metering Products for sale!

The American Meter Company is leader in measuring and regulating natural gas since the beginning of this industry. They are pioneers in this industry and have a history of innovation for new standards

15 Feb

Barton Model 289A and 291B on stock!

The Barton weatherproof Model 289A and the explosion-proof Model 291B are differential pressure indicating switches. The 289A has a NEMA-4 watertight die-cast aluminum case (finished with a weather-resistant

8 Feb

General Controls Hydramotor Gas Valve AH4 / V710, AH8 / V710 and AH14 / V710 on stock

The AH4 High-Low-Off actuator is operated by two independent SPST line voltage controllers which provide an on-off safety circuit. The Hydramotor Ah4 are three-position push-type, self-contained, electrohydraulic

ITT Controls

In the petrochemical and process industries as well as the installation market ITT Controls has almost 50 years experience. With a huge variety of products and brands we serve both large and small customers.

ITT Controls distinguishes themselves by a personal approach and knowledge of products. Through continuous innovation we are able to think along with our customers and we always offer a solution. The strength is that we dare to think ‘outside the box’. This often results in custom-made ​​solutions.

We try to give you a good advice in this tangle of brands and products. Reliability, durability, quality, efficient, service-oriented and innovative are keywords that relate to the brands and also to ITT Controls.

Safe and reliable equipment ensure a successful exploration and production.

This site is a way to show you what we can deliver. With over 100 different manufacturers, we are a complete supplier in the oil and gas industry. ITT Controls supplies heatpumps, groundwater pumps, gas meters, gas regulators, pressure gauges, pressure regulators, control valves, globe valves, open-close ball valves, butterfly valves, valves with rotary actuators, pressure independent ball valves, manual valves and filters, pressure switches, combination controls, electronic flame detection and control , pilot burners and burners, further inflammation and control devices, thermoelectric safety, heating controllers Comfort Controls and measuring and testing equipment and virtually any product that is found in the oil and gas industry.

For all your electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems ITT Controls is globally at your disposal.


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