Suntec shut off valves and solenoid valves are known for their durability and quality. The oil pumps have a built-in solenoid valve and cut-ff and cut-on function that is independent of the rotational speed. The pumps are small in size and can be used in almost every application.

Suntec Industries Incorporated is the largest and leading supplier of fuel pumps for heating and air in the world. ITT Controls delivers products and components from Suntec even if they are not made anymore.

ITT Controls supplies pumps, pump components and valves of the brand Suntec. With production facilities in America and Europe Suntec is a leading provider of precision components for oil burners.

Suntec Gear Pumps and Electromagnetic Pumps

Suntec Low Capacity Pumps

Basic models

  • Type AE     Pump with integral pressure regulator.
  • Type AN     Pump with a combination pressure regulator and piston cut-off valve.

Solenoid valve models – One step

  • Type AL
  • Type ALE
  • Type AS
  • Type AUV

Solenoid valve models – Two steps

  • Type AP
  • Type AT
  • Type A2L

Suntec Medium Capacity Pumps

  • Type D
  • Type AJ
  • Type J
  • Type E

Suntec Medium Capacity Pumps

  • Type TA    
  • Type TAR
  • Type T
  • Type TV

Suntec Electromagnetic pumps for kerosene and light oil applications

  • Type VC
  • Type VSC
  • Type VSK
  • Type VSE
  • Type KR
  • Type VSW
  • Type SRW
  • Type VW
  • Type WP
  • Type MVW

If you need more information about Suntec Gear Pumps and Electromagnetic Pumps please contact ITT Controls via

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