ITT Controls delivers besides Staiger products and parts also other products for the petrochemical and process industries including manual valves, filters, pressure regulators, butterfly valves, pressure switches, combination controls, electronic flame detection and control, pilot burners and burners, further inflammation and control, thermo-electrical protection, heating controllers comfort control, measuring and test equipment and many other products.

Staiger Valve electronics

Staiger Light emitting seal

  • LD-SAB
  • LD-SAD
  • LD-SAH
  • LD-SAK
  • LD-SAW

Staiger Light emitting plug

  • LL-SAB
  • LL-SAD
  • LL-SAH
  • LL-SAW

Staiger Electronic Adapter

  • EG
  • ZE
  • ZI
  • ZL
  • ZV

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