ITT Controls also delivers Gas Meter Bars made by Schlumberger Controls (gAvilar). Gas meter bars are used in new building projects as well in renovation projects. A great advantage of the meter bars is the ability to suspend the gas meter without exerting tension. The Gas meter bar can be combined with other installation equipment to make up a complete package.

Examples of Schlumberger Controls Gas Meter bars are:

  • PE package  
  • PECO package
  • High-Rise package

Schlumberger Controls connecting material for placing a G10, G16 or G25 diaphragm gasmeter:

  • G10 connection size11/4” heart to heart size 250 mm
  • G16 connection size11/4” heart to heart size 280 mm
  • G16 connection size11/2” heart to heart size 300 mm
  • G25 connection size2” heart to heart size 400 mm

If you need more information about Schlumberger Controls Gas Meter Bar or connecting material please contact ITT Controls via

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