Robert Shaw is the inventor of the first boiler thermostat, Robert Shaw also created the first nuclear valves for the manhattan project, developed the temperature control on the first nuclear-powered submarine and they developed new products for each new class of naval vessels.

ITT Controls supplies parts and products of Robert Shaw in the petrochemical and process industries and advises which product or part can be use best for your application.

RobertShaw RF Level Controls

Single Point Controls

  • Model 310
  • Model 5100
  • Model 5318B

Multi-point Controls

  • Model 314B
  • Model 5400A

Conductive Point Controls

  • Model 352

Continuous Controls

  • Excalibur 7000
  • Model 158A
  • Model 167


  • Models 740A/C-A and 740A/C-B
  • Model 729A
  • Model 750
  • Model 728B
  • Model 738A
  • Models 150KB285 and 150KB284
  • Model 741 A/C
  • Model 727A
  • Model 732A
  • Model 739B
  • Model 736B
  • Model 702A

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