ITT Controls supplies parts and products of Robert Shaw in the petrochemical and process industries and advises which product or part can be use best for your application.

Robert Shaw has some reliable valve models in the range including VC-210, VC-210 B, VC-230A and VC231A. In the area of ​​self-powered controllers are Robert Shaw actuators the best in the world and meet the highest quality. This is one of the reasons ITT Controls advises products of RobertShaw.

RobertShaw Pneumatic Controls

RobertShaw Pneumatic Relays

  • RobertShaw Model 82059
  • RobertShaw Model 83939
  • RobertShaw CR100 Series

RobertShaw Pneumatic Temperature Sensor

  • RobertShaw Model 85026

RobertShaw Temperature Pressure Switch

  • RobertShaw Model I-542

RobertShaw Temperature Pressure Sensors

  • RobertShaw Model 84370
  • RobertShaw Model 84390

RobertShaw Fuel Gas Starting Air Valve

  • RobertShaw Model 85380

RobertShaw Engine Safety Control

  • RobertShaw Model I-530

If you need more information about RobertShaw Pneumatic Controls please contact ITT Controls via

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