ITT Controls also supplies products of Rego Cryoflow. Rego products are designed for industrial gas and cryogenic applications.

Rego supplies the following products; dioxide ASME Relief Valves ASME Relief Valves for gases in cryogenic systems, automatic changeover regulators, diaphragm valves, extensive Bonnet cryogenic valves, extensive voice-bonnet valves, gate valves, globe valves, high pressure gas master valves, horizontal check valves, inline check valves, line station valves, needle valves, noise abatement relief valves, vent valves for gas in cryogenic systems, short handle cryogenic valves, swing check valves, actuators, combined pressure build economizer regulators, cryogenic liquid cylinder regulator, cryogenic regulators RG Series, heavy duty brass final line pressure regulators, heavy duty gas Gine regulator, Alarm meters, inertrol outfits, manometers quickonnect couplings, Rego cryogenic fill manifold and trademark protected REGO-LOK.

RegO LNG Cylinder Equipment

  • T9450 Series & T9460 Series
  • ES8450, BK9450 & BK9470
  • RG Series
  • ECL Series

RegO Relief Valves

  • AR Series
  • DR Series
  • DA Series
  • PRV 19430
  • NG-9008M

RegO Globe Valves

  • BB Serie & SK Series
  • 210 Series
  • CFM, AFM & SFM Series
  • A7500 and TA7500

RegO Gate Valves

  • 322 & 326 Series
  • 110 Series

RegO Check Valves

  • 846M & 840 Series
  • 886 Series
  • NG Series
  • NG 304

RegO Regulators

  • 1780 Series
  • BR-1780 Series
  • LV4403B66L05Series
  • LV4403F66 Series
  • 1784NG

If you need more information about RegO LNG and Natural Gas Products please contact ITT Controls via

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