ITT Controls advises, supplies spare parts, repairs and does maintenance on products in the petrochemical and process industries. The strength of ITT Controls lies in the knowledge of products as Neo-Dyn.

ITT Controls also supplies products and components from Neo-Dyn. Neo-Dyn provides superior pressure, temperature and flow controls for the oil and gas industry. Even low pressure switches, high pressure switches and pneumatic switches from Neo-Dyn are available for the petrochemical and process industries.

Neo-Dyn products are used worldwide in various applications. Some of the products of Neo-Dyn are gauge pressure switches, vacuum gauge pressure switches, differential pressure switches and temperature switches.

Neo-Dyn Sanitary Switches General and Hazardous Area

  • Neo-Dyn 117P NEMA 7 & 9     Series Sanitary Pressure Switch/Internal Adjustment

Neo-Dyn Junction Boxes and Thermowells

  • Neo-Dyn 047-0014     Thermowells.
  • Neo-Dyn 086-0044     Junction Box.
  • Neo-Dyn 086-0048     Junction Box.

If you want more information about Neo-Dyn Sanitary Switches and Accesories please contact the sales department at

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