Pumps from ITT Marlow enjoy excellent reputation and are Very easy to maintain. They have self-lubricating mechanical seals, back pull-out design, the famous JM Shaft Engine and are NSF certified.

ITT Marlow distinguishes by supplying products with a cast iron construction, high efficiency, multi-vane replaceable diffusers and a robust housing with 4 inch suction connection and 3 inch female NPT connections.

Marlow Variable & Fixed Speed Pump Controllers

  • Marlow Aquastart Combination Soft Starters
  • Marlow Aquavar ABII Pump Controller (Aqua Boost – residential)
  • Marlow Aquavar CPC Variable Speed Pump Controllers
  • Marlow Aquavar Intelligent Pump Controller
  • Marlow Aquavar SOLO
  • Marlow Aquavar SPD – Variable Speed Single Pump Drive
  • Marlow Aquavar SPD Plus
  • Marlow Hydrovar

If you need more information about Marlow Variable & Fixed Speed Pump Controllers please don’t hesitate to contact ITT Controls via contact@ittcontrols.com

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