ITT Controls also supplies products and components from ITT Marlow. This brand developes and produces pumps. Several types of centrifugal pumps and pumps for commercial pools and water parks.

ITT Marlow is a part of ITT and has proven itself in the past 150 years in the pump industry. Brands hereunder include AC Fire, Bell & Gossett, Goulds Water Technology, Flowtronex, Lowara, McDonnell & Miller and Vogel.

Marlow Obsolete Products

  • Marlow 3656 SP (Obsolete) – Replaced by PrimeLine SP Self-Priming Pumps
  • Marlow 45J and 70J High Capacity Flat Bowl Submersible Pumps (Obsolete)
  • Marlow CVP03 Vertical Sump Pump (obsolete)
  • Marlow DPS Vertical (obsolete)
  • Marlow Series Trash Hog II Marlow Series Self-Priming Pumps (Obsolete)
  • Marlow SFH Cast Iron & Bronze Pumps (obsolete)
  • Marlow SP02/SP03 Sump Pumps (obsolete)
  • Marlow SP18 Utility Pump (Obsolete)
  • Marlow SP28C (Obsolete)
  • Marlow SST (Obsolete)
  • Marlow SSV – Multi-Stage Vertical Booster Pump (Obsolete)
  • Marlow SWW0511AC – Packaged Sewage System (Obsolete)

if you need more information about Marlow Obsolete Products please don’t hesitate to contact ITT Controls via

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