ITT Marlow is a part of ITT and has proven itself in the past 150 years in the pump industry. Brands hereunder include AC Fire, Bell & Gossett, Goulds Water Technology, Flowtronex, Lowara, McDonnell & Miller and Vogel.

ITT Marlow distinguishes by supplying products with a cast iron construction, high efficiency, multi-vane replaceable diffusers and a robust housing with 4 inch suction connection and 3 inch female NPT connections.

Marlow Jet Pumps

  • Marlow BF03S – Shallow Well Jet Pump
  • Marlow HSJ Horizontal Multi-Stage Jet Pump
  • Marlow J+ Convertible Jet Pumps and JS+ Shallow Well Jet Pumps
  • Marlow J05 Hydro-Pro Tank System for Deep Wells
  • Marlow JO5X, JO5K, JO5L – Jet/Tank Packages
  • Marlow JRD Convertible Jet Pumps
  • Marlow JRS, JRSZ Shallow Well Jet Pump
  • Marlow JRS/JRD – Combined Jet Pump Tank Packages
  • Marlow JS Plus, JSZPlus
  • Marlow SJ Deep Well Jet Pumps
  • Marlow VJ Deep Well Jet Pumps

if you need more information about Marlow Jet Pumps please don’t hesitate to contact ITT Controls via

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