Landis Gyr provides end to end solutions that brings functionality and improvements in energy processes. ITT Controls supplies with items of Landis+Gyr the best this market in terms of quality, precision and reliability can offer.

Landis Gyr (Landis+Gyr) provides various solutions for the petrochemical and process industries. Landis Gyr supplies through ITT Controls residential meters, I + C Gauges, grid meters, communication units, heat and cold, dynamic load management and gas meters.
Landis Gyr Commercial and Industrial Meters

  • Landis Gyr E650 S4x Meter
  • Landis Gyr E650 S4e Meters
  • Landis Gyr E330 FOCUS AX Polyphase
  • Landis Gyr K-Base Meters

If you need more information about Landis Gyr Commercial and Industrial Meters please contact ITT Controls via

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