ITT Xylem has a Complete Line of Air Elimination Products for Commercial Heating and Cooling Application.

Every heating, cooling or dual hydronic system requires effective air management to provide maximum performance efficiency. ITT Xylem has been the hydronic systems innovator for almost 100 years experience in providing reliable products and systems design advice for hydronic, HVAC and plumbing systems. The ITT Xylem air management products are designed to make your system more energy efficient, trouble-free and long lasting.

Products of ITT Xylem Air-Sediment Control are:

  • CRS Coalescing Removal Separator
  • EASB-JR Air Separator
  • EASB2-JR Air Separator
  • EASB2-JR
  • Enhanced Air Separator
  • Inline Air Separator
  • Rolairtrol Air Separator Hot & Chilled Water
  • Sediment Removal Separator

Please contact ITT Controls for more information about the products above. You can reach ITT Controls via

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