The Hydramotor H30/H35 are electrohydraulic, linear actuators. They feature a completely self-contained, sealed, hydraulic motor/pump power unit coupled to a hydraulic cylinder container both piston/shaft assembly and return spring.

The positive, firm positioning Hydramotor H30/H35 actuators are ideal for providing efficient and precise linear control of valves, dampers, louvers and a wide range of other equipment requiring an operating thrust of up to 2600 pounds and an output shaft extension of up to 2 5/8 inch.

The Hydramotor H30/H35 series actuators are the result of 50 years of experience in designing, testing, manufacturing and servicing electrohydraulically powered actuators.

Hydramotor H30/H35 units are available in both push or pull power stroke, with a choice of either spring-return or lock-in-last position upon loss of power.

The lock-in-last position version allows the user to independently control the return of the actuator shaft to the deenergized position after loss of power.

The Hydramotor spring-return version offers the user ‘fail-safe’ operation. The internal cylinder spring returns the actuator shaft to its deenergized position upon power loss.

Field experience has proven the Hydramotor H30/H35 series to be extremely reliable. Quality design, construction and materials ensure minimum service requirements and a prolonged service life.

De complete Hydramotor H30/H35 series consists of: Hydramotor H30, Hydramotor H31, Hydramotor H34 and Hydramotor H35.

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