Standard Features of the Cameron GROVE BT-2

  • Size range: 1 1/2” to 60”
  • ANSI Classes: 150 to 2500
  • Trunnion mounted
  • Triple barrier stem seals
  • Stem separate from the ball
  • Anti-blow-out stem design
  • Stem emergency grease fitting
  • Low friction metal-backed self lubricating PTFE sleeve bearings and thrust washers
  • Primary metal-to-metal seal and protected secondary O-ring seal
  • Double-piston-effect seat rings (double sealing barrier in both directions)
  • Double-block-and-bleed
  • Pressure relief valve in the body cavity to prevent pressure lock
  • Sealant injection system for emergency seal
  • Factory positioned external stops
  • Integral stop in the adapter plate for permanent reference to open/closed positions
  • Electroless nickel coating on pressure-controlling parts and stem
  • In-line maintainable
  • CE marking (PED Directive)

Optional Features of the Cameron GROVE BT-2

  • Self-relieving seat rings
  • Lubricated seats
  • PTFE spring energized lip seals for seat and stem sealing
  • Metal-to-metal seat sealing
  • Inconel 625 overlay on sealing areas
  • Explosive decompression resistant seals (std for Class 600 and higher)
  • Anti-static device
  • Features for vertical installation and maintenance

Standards Compliance

  • Body thickness in accordance with ASME B16.34
  • Fire safe in accordance with API 6FA, BS 6755 Part 2

Body Construction

  • The body-bonnet design is of bolted construction and its sizing complies with requirements given in ASME VIII Div. 1.
  • The bolted construction allows disassembly in-line for inspections and possible repairs.
  • Clearing the bonnet off the valve allows free access to the body cavity. A set of special maintenance tools permits the seats to be pushed back and to take out either ball and seats.
  • After maintenance, the valve being of standard DPE design, tightness of the seating surfaces can be assessed by pressurizing the body cavity only, before any repressurization of the pipeline.
  • A body drain is provided in the lowest part of the body cavity and features a NPT drain valve with a safety plug.

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