Barton has a long history of building electronic transmitters. Barton uses a comprehensive range of sensor technologies. They offer five series of products to satisfy world-class measurement performance; Product Series FCX, 3900 series, MVX-II, Scanner 2000 and the Barton nuclear series.

FUJI FCX AIII Series Transmitters    

Capacitance-based sensor technology
Models to measure the high and low extremes of pressure
+/- 0.065% of span measurement accuracy
+/- 0.01% of URL stability for 10 years
Fully configurable by optional integral display
Free HART based PC interface software
Offered by Cameron only in North & South America

3900 Temperature Transmitters

3920 Series Temperature Transmitter
3940 Series Temperature Transmitter with HART Communications
Series 20 Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD)

NUFLO™ MVX-II Multi-Variable Transmitter

3095FB™ Modbus™ register map
RS485 serial communications
+/-0.05% of URL measurement accuracy

Scanner 2000    

Transmitter functions with or without flow computing
+/-0.05% of URL measurement accuracy
DP full scale 30″ to 840″ W.C.
AP Full scale 100 PSI to 5300 PSI
Optional PID local control
Optional USB PC interface
Free PC interface software

BARTON Nuclear Grade Transmitters

Proven validated designs
Comprehensive industry qualifications

Extra product images

FUJI FCX AIII Series Transmitters     Barton Scanner 2000  BARTON Nuclear Grade Transmitters NUFLO MVX-II Multi-Variable Transmitter


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