The Barton Model 351, 352 and 353 Liquid Level System provides accurate hydraulic transmission of a process medium for measuring the level of liquids contained in a process vessel. The self-contained system of the Barton 351, 352 and 353 models is typically mounted outside the vessel. Floats, levers, pins, and other mechanical devices susceptible to contamination or wear are not required. Because the basic system is actuated by the process media, local indication is possible without external power. Barton Liquid Level Sensors can be purchased as a component of a factorybuilt system, or as a part for a field-installed system. Ask for more information at

For applications involving corrosive fluids or tank temperatures above 200°F (95°C), a dual-sensor configuration is recommended. For applications involving unusual fill requirements due to liquid volumes or high ambient temperatures, a Model 353 system is recommended. The Barton Model 353 system can be designed with one or two sensors.

Sealed sensor systems can be designed in the following configurations:

• a single sensor system (Barton Model 351)
• a dual-sensor system (Barton Model 352)

Barton Model 351 Liquid Level System
The Model 351 consists of a single reference sensor connected by capillary tubing to a Barton Differential Pressure Unit (DPU). Hydraulic fluid is sealed inside the sensor and the capillary tubing, eliminating the need for additional piping.

Barton Model 352 Liquid Level System
The Model 352 consists of two reference sensors connected by capillary tubing to a Barton DPU.

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