The Hydramotor Gas Valve AH8 / V710 is a proportioning control with low fire positioning. It is a line voltage actuator which permits limit and safety controls to be wired directly into line voltage power circuit. The Hydramotor AH8 provides adjustable low fire positioning and proportioning control between low and high fire positions. It is a modulating, push-type, self-contained and electrohydraulic linear actuator. It features an electronic controller
for accurate positioning. The low-fire position is factory set at the stroke midpoint. It can be field adjustable to any position up to 100% of stroke.


The Hydramotor AH8 / V710 has a safety shutoff and proportioning control with low fire positioning in one unit. It is an integral transformer, provides simplified and is less costly wiring. The AH8 has a mechanical low fire adjustment which is made externally while actuator is energized. The AH8/V710 actuator must be mounted in the upright position.


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