The Hydramotor H24 serie is a two-postion, lock-in-last Position, pull-type. The shaft retracts on application of power; lock-in-last position on power failure, spring-return when relief valve is energized. Normally-closed relief valve wired independently of motor circuit.

The Hydramotor H24 serie is the result of over 50 years of experience in designing, testing, manufactoring and servicing electrohydaulically powered actuators.

H24 serie of hydramotor is available in both push an pull power stroke, with a choice of either spring-return or lock-in-last position upon loss of power.

Considerable field experience has proven the H24 series to be extreme reliable. With minimum service requirements and a prolonged service life. The need for gears has been eleminated in favor of a modular design using fewer moving internal components and industry proven heat-resistant seals – immersed in oil for continuous lubrication.

The Hydramotor H24 serie is available at ITT Controls. For more info about the H24 series you can contact ITT Controls at

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