ITT Controls also delivers products made by Hofamat. Hofamat manufactures  Gas, Fuel, Oil Combination Gas and Oil Burners and industrial burners. Hofamat ensures that their burners meet the latest demand in combustion and emmision technology in the world. Hofamat has the largest production base for marine burners, oilfield market dedicated burners and industrial burners.

  • Hofamat HQ Series Gas Burner
    • HQ01、HQ02、HQ03 、HQ05、HQ07、HQ08、HQ09、HQ10、HQ11、HQ12、HQ15、HQ16
  • Hofamat HY Series Fuel Oil Burners
    • HY01、HY02、HY03、HY05、HY07、HY08、HY09、HY10、HY11、HY12、HY15、HY16
  • Hofamat HS Light Oil&Gas Burners
    • HS03、HS05、HS07、HS08、HS09、HS10、HS11、HS12、HS15、HS16
  • Hofamat HZY heavy oil burner
    • HZY05、HZY08、HZY09、HZY10、HZY11、HZY12、HZY15、HZY16

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