ITT Controls also delivers valves made by GSR Ventiltechnik. GSR Ventiltechnik has more than 40 years experience in custom made valves. GSR has a wide productrange of pressure valves and solenoid valves. Custom made valves and valves for high pressure applications are the focus of GSR Ventiltechnik.

GSR Ventiltechnik High Temperature Valves

  • GSR Type 2/640
  • GSR Type 52DT
  • GSR Type 22DT
  • GSR Type 2/164
  • GSR Type 63DT
  • GSR Type 24DT
  • GSR Type 24TH
  • GSR Type 49TH
  • GSR Type Coil K0592710-KL

If you need more information about GSR Ventiltechnik High Temperature Valves please contact ITT Controls via

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