Fema Valves was founded in 1952 has been developing safety valves ever since. Fema Valves continued to improve their products. Later on Fema also made her first steps in the cryogenic industry and began to design and construct specialized valves. Due to their experience they became official supplier of safety and check valves for aerospace plants. Recently Fema became part of the VRV Group.

FEMA has the ambition to deliver valves that are safe, durable, eco-friendly and, produced within budget and in harmony with the local community.

Besides special safety products and cold protection systems Fema also designs and manufactures safety and cryogenic valves for the oil, gas, cryongenic and aerospace industries. Fema is located in nothern Italy and has many sales points all over the world.

Fema Safety and Actuated Valves for Cryogenic Industry:

  • VDFCA – Cryogenic pneumatic ON-OFF valve
  • VDFPR-CAGE – Pneumatic cryogenic control valve
  • VDFPR-CB – Pneumatic cryogenic control valve COLD BOX application
  • VDFPR – Pneumatic cryogenic control valve
  • S3300 – Angle cryogenic safety valve
  • S3400 – Angle cryogenic safety valve
  • S3100 – Angle cryogenic safety valve
  • S3200 – Angle cryogenic safety valve

If you need more information about Fema valves for the safety and actuated valves for cryogenic industry please contact ITT Controls via contact@ittcontrols.com

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