Ermaf is part of the Elster Kromschroder Group and produces gas heaters, oil heaters and ventilators. Ermaf relies on a team of specialized employees who are responsible for development, manufacturing and delivery of products and services. All these specialties combined result in a high quality product.

The complete range of Ermaf gas heaters and oil heaters have a capacity between 14-120kW for stationary as well as mobile use. All Ermaf Heaters meet the European requirements and special requirements for several countries outside Europe.

ITT Controls also sells the individual parts of Ermaf Products:

Air filter EGK(V) – N50290053
Baffle disc 48mm – N50260167
Baffle disc 62mm – N50260168
Bracket for burner ERA – N50310021
Bracket for switchcupboard – N50270014
Burner connection piece ERA – N50311000
Burner control sockle BCU Oil for P-series – N51400197
Burner control BCU Gas for GP-series – :N50260101
Burner control BCU Gas for RGA 100 – N50260444
Burner control BCU Oil for P-series – N51400196
Burner control BCU Oil for RGA 60 & 95 – N51400225
Burner control sockle BCU gas for GP-series – N50260102
Burner EGK(V) – N5029005
Burner disc – N5140000
Burner ERA A-H – N50310001
Burner head GP14 – N50500162
Burner head GP14 complete – N50500162 + N50500170
Burner house – N50310035
Burner ring 48mm – N50260059
Burner ring GP14 – N50500170
Cable with main plug 3×1 mm 230V – N50280057
Cap for ignition elektrode 1Kohm – N50260039
Cap for ionisation elektrode – N50260225
Cap for ionisation elektrode complete – N50260235 (N50260225 + N50260226 +N50260227)
Clamp ring 4mm for oil pipeline – N51400017
Clamp ring Ø6mm for flame tube – N50280033
Clamp ring nut 1/8″ x 4mm for oil pipeline – N51400016
Combustion chamber GP14 complete – N50500185
Combustion chamber complete GP40/70 – N50260115
Combustion chamber complete GP95 BCU – N50390053
Combustion chamber complete P120 BCU – N51500003
Combustion chamber complete P40 BCU – N51100049
Combustion chamber complete P60 BCU – N51200023
Combustion chamber complete P80 – P100 BCU – N51400310
Condensator 4 uF for ventilator ERA33 – N50270012
Conus complete 16″ – N51100015
Conus complete 18″ – N51200004
Conus complete 20″ – part. nr: N51400042
Din connector (Grey) with cable for CG gascombination GW – N50260119
Din connector (black) with cable for CG gascombination valve – N50260118
Din connector for gascombination V4600 – N50310146
Elektrode holder aluminium GP95/120 – N52600008
Elektrode holder oil aluminium P-series – N51400004
Fan 16″ 30º 14mm metal – N51700078
Fan 18″ 26º 14mm metal – N52600032
Fan 20″ 28º 14mm metal – N51400022
Fan for ventilator GP120 BCU – N50400099
Fanmotor BX335 E MR 230V with flange – N51700008
Fanmotor BX350 E MR 230V with Flange – N51400021
Fan motor BX335 E55AR 230V GP95 BCU – N50390100
Fanmotor BX350 TR 400V with Flange – N51400147
Filter for V4600 gascombination – N50310150
Flange for 1/2″ for V4600 gascombination – N50310155
Flange 90º 1/2″ for gascombination V4600 – N50290045
Gas mix pipe fixing ring GP14 – N50500215
Gas mix pipe GP14 – N50500210
Gas street ERA complete natural gas – N50310030
Gas street ERA complete propane – N50310031
Gascombination CG10 R70 DIT – N50500063
Gascombination CG220 R01-DT2WF1Z – N50280123
Gascombination V4600A 1080B ERA33 – N50310046
gasket burner connection piece ERA33 – N50311020
Hose connection 1/4″ x 6mm (SL.W.17) – N51400217
Ignition elektrode GP14 – N50500052
Ignition elektroden GP95/120 – N50390005
Ignition elektroden No.420 14 x 68-35 mm P-series – N51400008
Ignition trafo Danfoss EBI oil 52F0030 – N51400073
Ignition trafo Eichhof 1P gas E4718/55 – N50260109
Injector EGK(V) natural gas Ø2 -9 mm – 50290057
Injector EGK(V) propane Ø1 -4 mm – N50290058
Injector ERA natural gas Ø1.25 mm (16 pieces for one burner) – N50310012
Injector ERA propane Ø0 -75 mm (16 pieces for one burner) – N50310014
Injector GP120 natural gas 12xØ3 -3mm BCU – N50400068
Injector GP120/RGA100 propane 12xØ1 -8 mm BCU – N50400067
Injector GP14 natural gas Ø3 -3 mm – N50500230
Injector GP 14 propane Ø1 -9 mm – N50500240
Injector GP40 natural gas 12xØ1 -8 mm BCU – N50260180
Injector GP40 propane 6xØ1 -6 mm BCU – N50260027
Injector GP70 natural gas 12xØ2 -3 mm BCU – N50260152
Injector GP70 propane 6xØ1 -9mm BCU – N50260020
Injector GP95 natural gas 12xØ2 -7 mm BCU – N50390075
Injector GP95 propane 12xØ1 -7 mm BCU – N50390076
Injector pilot flame natural gas nr.3 – 50280042
Injector pilot flame propane nr.5 – N50280036
Ionisation elektrode GP14 – N50500075
Ionisation elektrode for GP40/GP70 – N50260031
Ionisation elektrode GP95/120 – N50390006
Maximal thermostat 973.11227.01A-110ºC – N50310070
Mixture chamber EGK(V) – N50290052
Nozzle Danfoss 1.10 us gal 60º S – N52800079
Nozzle Danfoss 1.35 us gal 60º S –
Nozzle Danfoss 2.00 us gal 60º S – N51300001
Nozzle Danfoss 2.25 us gal 60º S (diesel) – N51800001
Nozzle danfoss 2.50 us gal 60º S (paraffin) – N51400002
Nozzle Danfoss 2.75 us gal 60º S – N51500001
Nozzle holder 1/8″ P-series – N51400161
Nut M14x1 -25 fot spark plug and ionisation elektrode – N50260004
O-ring ASW 4600 for flange 1/2″ V4600 – N502800424
O-ring gasket 27x18x1 -5″ – N50310019
Oil filter 1/4″ GA 70452 alu complete – N51400128
Oilfilterelement 60Mu for Ga 1/4″ 70452 – N51400149
Oilfilterhousing for GA 1/4″ 70452 Alu – N51400198
Oil pipline 4 mm pump-nozzle P-series (each meter) – N51100002
Oilpump Danfoss RSA 060 – N51400010
Oil return line 6mm copper 29cm P-series – N51400219
Oil supply line 6mm copper 16cm P-series – N51400218
Oil valve Rapa 1/8″ – N51400015
Oil valve Rapa connection cable – N51400200
Photocell flange for QRB1 photocell – N52800026
Photocell horticultural QRB1A (black) – N52800025
Photocel agricultural QRB1C ex sensitive (blue) – N51100035
Photocell tube complete stainless steel Agricultural P-series – N51400186
Photocell tube complete Horticultural P-series – N51400032
Pilot flame cap complete EGK(V) – N50290071
Pilot flame head – N50280038
Pilot flame tube EGK(V) – N51700040
Pilot flame tube 6 x 4mm ERA33 – N1230001
Pressure swifel Ø6 mm for flame tube – N50280034
Protection cap for ionisation elektrode cap – N50260227
Protection cap for elektrode cap cable – N50260226
Pump linkage 10mm P-series – N51400018
Radiation screen complete – N50290007
Safety grille complete 16″ P-series – N51100051
Safety grille complete 18″ P-series – N51200026
safety grill complete 20″ P-series – N51400213
Safety grille for ERA33 – N50280068
Safety grill GP120 – N50400032
Safety grill GP14 – N50500003
Safety grille GP95 BCU – N50390055
Screwcoupling 1/4″ x 6mm – N51400216
Screwcoupling 4mm x 1/8″ – N52990162
Screwcoupling 6mm x 1/4″ – N52800049
Screwcoupling knee 6mm x 1/4″ – N52800051
Service hatch complete – N50390034
Shell support – N51400046
Shell support GP14 – N50500200
Spark plug for ignition – N50260030
Support gascombination CG10 GP14 – N50500062
Suspension strip gas street ERA33 – N50310037
Switch protection cap – N50310051
Switch single-pole 6A 250V – N50260077
Switch two-pole 6A 250V – N50310050
Switchcupboard complete ERA33 – N50310040
Switchcupboard EGK(V) complete – N50290060
Temperature sensor TSK 1056 6×45 for BCU-300 – N50260099
Temperature censor TSK 1056 6×45 1M for BCU-300 RGA – N50820039
Terminal strip – N50260192
Thermo Couple for ERA/EGK(V) – N50290051
Top connection Burner ERA – N50310020
Transport bracket GP14 – N50500190
Ventilator 2E30 GP70 BCU complete – N50260401
Ventilator 4E30 GP40 BCU complete – N50260390
Ventilator 4E50 8PP MF GP120 – N50400012
Ventilator A2E-250-AE65-02 ERA33 – N50280064
Ventilator A4E-300-AA01-02 GP14 – N50500004
Ventilator EMBW2S115-AA01 EGKV – N50290061
Windvane complete (without cap and cable) – N50390028
Windvane complete with cable – connection brace and protection cap – N50260144
Windvane connection brace ERA33 – N50310034
Windvane connection brace GP40/70 – N50390029
Windvane connection brace GP95/120 – N50390049
Windvane protection cap – N50390030

ITT Controls also sells accessories of Ermaf Products:

Air seperator for oil heater. N50506000
Connection set Natural gas. 1 -5 m incl. gasvalve – ex.regulator. N52600071
Connection set Natural gas – 1/2″ 1 -5 m incl.gasvalve – ex.regulator –
Connection set Natural gas – 3/4″ 1 -5 m incl.gasvalve – ex.regulator –
Connection set Propane – 2m with regulator –
Conus for better airthrow – N50400064
Conus for better airthrow – 51200004
Hose petrol proof 6x10mm (per each meter) –
Hose petrol proof 8x12mm (per each meter) –
Room thermostat TH215

If you need more information about parts and accessories of Ermaf please contact ITT Controls via

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