Elco Wolf is a brand that parts of the Ariston Thermo Group. With over 250 manufacturers of household appliances in over 100 countries Ariston Thermo Group provides a total solution. There are several applications of Elco Wolf burner heating solutions that ITT Controls can provide.

Several Elco Wolf burners are:

  • Elco Wolf VECTRON
    • Monoblock burner for a range from 14.5 to 2080 kW
  • Elco Wolf EK EVO
    • Monoblock burners for a range from 14.5 to 2080 kW
  • Elco Wolf Nextron
    • Monoblock burner in the power range of 250 to 11,200 kW
  • Elco Wolf N10
    • Monoblock burners in a range from 1,300 to 16,000 kW
  • Elco Wolf EK-DUO, RPD
    • Duoblok burner in the power range from 500 to 45,000 kW

Do you have questions about the different burnermodels burner / burner solutions Elco Wolf can provide please contact ITT Controls via contact@ittcontrols.com

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