Elco Wolf is the brand for energy saving. Through system intelligence an energy efficiency can be achieved. ITT Controls offers several energy-saving systems made by Elco Wolf. These are mainly the heating boilers, Boilers, Control Engineering, air handling units, condensing heat recovery, ventilation and regulators of Elco Wolf.

Elco Wolf has several products in its range:

  •      Wolf MGK HR Gas Boiler
  •      Wolf MGK-2 HR Gas Boiler
  •      Wolf heater LH
  •      Wolf heater TLH
  •      Wolf heater TLHK
  •      Wolf Plafondverhitter TLHD
  •      Wolf Fan KL
  •      Wolf Roof fan
  •      Wolf Energy

For more information about Elco Wolf products please contact the sales department of ITT Controls via info@ittcontrol.com

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