ITT Controls also delivers burners for heating and industrial applications made by Elco Oskamp. Wherever you need a small or medium-scale combustion solution, Elco Oskamp always has a product in range that suits your needs.

Elco Oskamp Burners has various types:

  •     Elco Oskamp VECTRON -> 11-2080 kW
  •     Elco Oskamp EKEVO -> 390 – 5400 kW
  •     Elco Oskamp NEXTRON -> 250-11200 kW
  •     Elco Oskamp N10 -> 1300-16000 kW
  •     Elco Oskamp RPD -> 500 – 45000 kW

When you buy an Elco Oskamp product you are sure that there is a worldwide network of distributors and partners, that we can give professional training and that Elco Oskamp engineers solutions that offer quality, consistency and reliability. Elco Oskamp also has it’s own research and development. If you need more information about burners made by Elco Oskamp you can always contact ITT Controls via

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