ITT Controls also delivers Masoneilan Digital Valve Positioners. Masoneilan has various digital valve positioners and PID process controllers. The Masoneilan digital valve positioners offer high precision, ease of use and dependable predictive and preventive maintenance.

Masoneilan Digital Valve Positioners:

  • Masoneilan FVP Fieldbus Valve Positioner
  • Masoneilan SVI II AP Performance Digital Positioner
  • Masoneilan SVI FF Valve Positioner
  • Masoneilan SVi1000 Digital Positioner

Masoneilan FVP positioner is certified and approved by Fieldbus Foundation.  Masoneilan FVP positioner is a digital valve positioner and PID process controller that can be used in conjunction with certified Foundation Fieldbus host systems.

Masoneilan SVI II AP is an intelligent digital valve positioner. The Masoneilan SVI II AP features advanced control technology for pneumatically actuated valves with a non-contact Hall Effect sensor that offers high precision, ease of use, and predictive and dependable preventive maintenance.

Masoneilan SVI FF is an enabled advanced performance digital valve positioner enabled by the Fieldbus Foundation.

Masoneilan SVi1000 is a 4-20mA digital valve positioner with HART® Protocol for single-acting pneumatic control valves. The  Masoneilan SVi1000 has proven magnetic position measuring technology.

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