ITT Controls also delivers Valves and actuators made by Dia-Flo. Dia-Flo products are rugged, durable and long lasting. Dia-Flo products have a service life of 20 plus years when it’s good maintained. The Dia-Flo valves are engineered for tough applications in the chemical processing, mining, power generation, pulp and paper and water treatment industries. Dia-Flo valves are made to handle media which is corrosive, erosive or contains solids which tend to clog.

ITT Controls can advise you with different Dia-Flo valves. Various Dia-Flo Valves en Actuators accessories are:

  • Dia-Flo Handwheel
  • Dia-Flo Handwheel Locking Device
  • Dia-Flo Chainwheel operated
  • Dia-Flo Direct Loaded Bonnet
  • Dia-Flo Extended Stem
  • Dia-Flo Positioner
  • Dia-Flo Limit Switch
  • Dia-Flo Filter Regulator
  • Dia-Flo Transducer

If you need more information about the products above please contact ITT Controls via

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