The ITT General Solenoid valves are designed to control the flow of fuel gases in industrial and commercial gas burner systems. The valves are suitable for main line, pilot line and venting applications. Burner construction valves are designed to handle liquified petroleum gases (propane) in both the liquid and gaseous states. Series 8030, 8040, 8044 and 8262 are direct acting constructions. Series 8042, 8043, 8210,8214 and 8215 valves are internal pilot operated constructions.

These DGC Controls valves have either Red-Hat metal solenoid enclosures or Red-Hat II molded epoxy solenoids. Red-Hat II solenoids are identified by the change letter ‘G’ or ‘H’ in the catalog numbers.

The valves types are:

Red-Hat II 8040 series – Pilot Gas Shutoff Valves
Red-Hat II 8214 series – Gas Vent Valves
Red-Hat II 8214 series – General Purpose Gas Shutoff Valves
8214 (suffix VI) series  – Gas Shutoff Valves with visual position indication
8214 (suffix C) series  – Gas Shitoff Valves with visual indication and proof of closure switch
Red-Hat 8042 Series – Gas Shutoff Valves
Red_Hat Combustion Series – Stainless Steel Valves for Fuel Gas Service

Almost all types of DGC Controls Valves are available at ITT Controls. If you don’t know what type of valve is suitable for your configuration please don’t hesitate to contact the sales department of ITT Controls at

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