Standard Features of the Cameron GROVE G12 Gate Valve

  • Bi-Directional
  • Stem Seals: Self Energized Non Rolling Lip Seals
  • No Side Load and Friction Drag on the Stem Low Operating Thrust
  • Stem Protector and Gate Position Indicator
  • Through Conduit, Self Cleaning, Floating Slab Gate
  • Self Relieving Floating Seat always in Contact with the Gate
  • Metal-to-Metal Primary Seal, Protected O-Ring Secondary Seal
  • Block-and-Bleed and Double-Block-and-Bleed Design
  • Upper Stem Seal Gasket Replaceable with Pressure In-Line
  • “Top Entry” Body for In-Line Maintenance

Optional Features of the Cameron GROVE G12 Gate Valve

  • Built in Sealant Injection System for Emergency Sealing
  • Reverse Acting Gate
  • Graphite Packing Fire Safe Sealing
  • OS&Y Bonnet Design
  • Back Seat
  • Metal-to-Metal with Tungsten Carbide Coating (TCC) on Seats and Gate
  • Seats Skirts for Dirty Fluid Application
  • Seats with Plastic Insert
  • Seats with Double Piston Effect Design to have TRIPLE BARRIER from Upstream Side to Downstream Side of the Valve

Extra product images

Cameron GROVE G12 Gate Valve


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