The Cameron Barton family of EFM Flow Computers / scanners are the products that whithstand the test of time more than 70 years. The continous development of electronic measurement technology of Cameron Barton (NuFlo) has become a standard for major oil and gas production, transmission and distribution companies. These Barton Scanners can collect, display, store and process data for real-time measurement and historical reporting.

Available Cameron Barton NuFlo Scanners 2000 series are:

  • Cameron NuFlo Scanner 2000 microEFM
  • Cameron NuFlo Scanner 2200 Flow Computer

The Cameron NuFlo Scanner 2000 microEFM measures gas, steam, and liquid in a compact, low-power flow computer. The device is available in a CSA-approved explosion-proof and weatherproof model suitable for Class I, Div. 1 and Div. 2 (non-sparking) installations. It also has an explosion-proof ATEX-approved model suitable for Zone 1 installations.


The Cameron NuFlo Scanner 2200 EFM is an electronic readout device which uses low-power. The scanner is designed for measuring gas, steam or liquid using the differential pressure output of an orifice or cone meter or the pulse output of a turbine, positive displacement or vortex flowmeter. The instrument can be powered with a solar or DC power supply. It also can be used to power a radio or another communications device when external power is provided.

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