ITT Controls also supplies products and components made by Elco Heating Solutions. This brand developes and manufactures boilers and heat pumps. Solar energy is also a specialty from Elco Heating.

Elco Heating provides heating solutions with innovative products and complete heating systems. The Elco condensing boilers are versatile, have extremely small dimensions, low weight and low noise Emmis lesions. Elco boilers come in different capacities so every situation is a boiler available. Elco has wall-mounted gas boilers and standing gas boilers as well as water boilers, swimming pool boilers, heat pumps, solar systems, water heaters, flat plate collectors, vacuum tube collectors and various schemes and accessories such as distributors, storage tanks, water heaters, magnetic filters and drain pipes that are all available via ITT Controls.

The system solutions of Elco Heating Solutions are customized heating solutions used in large buildings, public housing and industry. Wherever energy is needed in large quantity Elco is a proven reliable partner. Elco offers, like ITT Controls, solutions, expert advice, quality products and unique service.

Elco industrial burners have an excellent reputation. They work in extreme conditions such as on an oil rig in the Caspian Sea or they just have incredible low emissions as at a Swiss production facility. Prestigious boiler and turbine manufacturers rely on these products and opt for tailored technology by Elco.

The expertise of ITT Controls includes nearly all products of Elco Heating. If you have questions or are looking for a specific part please contact the sales department or email


ITT Controls Elco Heating Burners

ITT Controls also delivers burners for heating and industrial applications made by Elco Burners. Wherever you need a small or medium-scale combustion solution, Elco always has a product in range that suits your needs.

Elco Burners has various types:

  •     Elco VECTRON -> 11-2080 kW
  •     Elco EKEVO -> 390 – 5400 kW
  •     Elco NEXTRON -> 250-11200 kW
  •     Elco N10 -> 1300-16000 kW
  •     Elco RPD -> 500 – 45000 kW

When you buy an Elco product you are sure that there is a worldwide network of distributors and partners, that we can give professional training and that Elco engineers solutions that offer quality, consistency and reliability. Elco also has it’s own research and development. If you need more information about burners made by Elco you can always contact ITT Controls via

Elco Oilburners and Gasburners

Elco Heating Solutions is a brand that parts of the Ariston Thermo Group. With over 250 manufacturers of household appliances in over 100 countries Ariston Thermo Group provides a total solution. There are several applications of Elco burner heating solutions that ITT Controls can provide.

Several Elco burners are:

  • Elco VECTRON
    • Monoblock burner for a range from 14.5 to 2080 kW
  • Elco EK EVO
    • Monoblock burners for a range from 14.5 to 2080 kW
  • Elco Nextron
    • Monoblock burner in the power range of 250 to 11,200 kW
  • Elco N10
    • Monoblock burners in a range from 1,300 to 16,000 kW
  • Elco EK-DUO, RPD
    • Duoblok burner in the power range from 500 to 45,000 kW

Do you have questions about the different burnermodels burner / burner solutions Elco can provide please contact ITT Controls via

Elco Solarcollectors

Elco Heating Solutions also has solar products in their product range. The vacuum collector AURON DF is specially designed for the Central European climate. The AURON DF supports not only the hot water but also provides power to relieve the space heating. The Elco SOLATRON S2.5-1 is a flat plate collector for water heating and heating support.

The Elco Solarproducts are also sold by ITT Controls for an attractive price. The SOLATRON S 2.5-1 is more efficient due to the full-surface alumium absorber with highly selective coating which ensures high energy yields.

Elco Heating Solutions is part of the ARISTON Thermo Group whiche has over 250 manufacturers of household appliances in more than 100 countries.

If you need more information about the ELCO AURON DF and SOLATRON S2.5-1 collector please don’t hesitate to contact ITT Controls via


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