Belpa ignition transformers for gas and oil burners come in different models. ITT Controls can provide these different models. For the proper transformer for your application you can send an email to

  •      Belpa BE12TIP10LC
  •      Belpa BE12TIP10LC110
  •      Belpa E2TIP11
  •      Belpa FE5DTIC10
  •      Belpa FE7TIC10
  •      Belpa H4-110TIB7LP
  •      Belpa H4-220TIB7LC
  •      Belpa H15GTIB7
  •      Belpa HE5TIC7LP
  •      Belpa HETP7LP120/240
  •      Belpa AT73ACTIB10LC
  •      Belpa AT73VTIB10LV
  •      Belpa ATG73DB3TIB5LV
  •      Belpa ATG73AB-110-LV
  •      Belpa ATG73AB-110-LC
  •      Belpa ATG73AB4TIB7LC
  •      Belpa ATG73AB4TIB7LV
  •      Belpa Rajah-recht/haaks
  •      Belpa PTFE

If you need more information about Belpa Ignition Transformers for Gas and Oil burners please contact ITT Controls via

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