Belpa DC Power supplies come in different models. ITT Controls can provide these different models. For the correct power supply for your application, you should send an email to

  • First phase DC power supplies
    • GR-100.91
    • GR-100.71
    • GR-100.72
    • GR-100.73
    • GR-100.74
    • GR-101.10
    • GR-101.06
  • First phase linear power supplies in IP55
    • GR-GR-102.31 and 102.30
  • First phase linearly filtered power supplies
    • GR-2402.50, 2406.00 and GR-GR-2410.00
  • First phase stabilized power supply 24VDC
    • GR-2401.00
  • 3-phase DC power supplies
    • GR-100.7, 100.88 and GR-GR-100.56

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