Belpa first phase transformers come in several models. ITT Controls can provide these different models. For the proper transformer for your application you should send an email to

  • Toroidal transformers
    • Model RKT-tm CAD 102.55-780.16 and 288.14 and AA-AA 288.15
  • Current Transformers behalf shipping application
    • Model TR-TR-tm 197.09 197.48
  • Encapsulated transformers for Din-rail mounting
    • Model ST-557.8, ST-ST-557.91 and 557.90
  • Netaanpassingstransformatoren
    • Model TR-TR 183.32 tm 194.46.K
  • Potted HR Dimtransformatoren for LED lamps
    • Model TR-194.2, 194.30 and TR-TR-194.31
  • Safety and protection transformers
    • Model N230-24-20-DIN and TR-TR-172.63 tm 172.68ZZ

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