Belpa is a manufacturer and supplier of total solutions in the field of energy supply in electrical engineering. Besides various products such as transformers, DC power supplies, fan systems, dc / ac inverters, ITT Controls can deliver also EMC netfilters of Belpa. Belpa is a reliable partner who has been active in electronics for over 65 years.   Belpa products operate within the industry, panel manufacturing, shipping, rail, installation but also in medical locations where electrical safety is very important. ITT Controls delivers all products Belpa and also a number of other product lines of foreign manufacturers. ITT Controls is able to provide a wide range of products in the field of monitoring insulation and backup power (UPS).   Belpa products consist of various toroidal transformers, marine applications, security and protect transformers, transformers for grid upgrades, HR dim transformers, Sinus inverters, fan systems, safety transformers for heating boilers, ignition transformers for gas and oil burners, Sapco ignition and ionization electrodes, medical transformers, earth fault monitoring and detection panels. If  the product is not listed here then please contact the sales department of ITT Controls by mail   Interesting to note is that the efficiency of toroidal transformers are mucher higher than conventional transformers. Furthermore, they are space and weight saving an especially useful for applications in modern equipment.   Important is the quality of such products. All products must meet the required specifications and other quality standards.   ITT Controls states that it is not affiliated with Belpa or any mentioned brands of Belpa. ITT Controls wants to avoid the impression that there is a commercial connection or special relationship with Belpa. We only want to give meaning to the concept of ‘energy supply’ and wants to be a partner for companies and continue supplying a wide range of related products for now and in the future.


Belpa 1 phase transformers

Belpa first phase transformers come in several models. ITT Controls can provide these different models. For the proper transformer for your application you should send an email to

  • Toroidal transformers
    • Model RKT-tm CAD 102.55-780.16 and 288.14 and AA-AA 288.15
  • Current Transformers behalf shipping application
    • Model TR-TR-tm 197.09 197.48
  • Encapsulated transformers for Din-rail mounting
    • Model ST-557.8, ST-ST-557.91 and 557.90
  • Netaanpassingstransformatoren
    • Model TR-TR 183.32 tm 194.46.K
  • Potted HR Dimtransformatoren for LED lamps
    • Model TR-194.2, 194.30 and TR-TR-194.31
  • Safety and protection transformers
    • Model N230-24-20-DIN and TR-TR-172.63 tm 172.68ZZ

Belpa 3 phase transformers

Belpa also supplies transformers in the power of 1kVA tm 4000 kVA. In this range, there are several transformers available. For more information about the Belpa three phase transformers, you should send an email to

  • kVA – 1000 kVA
    • Open version IP 00
    • Enclosure IP 23
  • Netaanpassingstransformatoren
    • TR-194.61
    • TR-170.66
    • TR-161.08
    • TR 161.08.K
    • TR-161.09
    • TR 161.09.K
    • TR-161.10
    • TR 161.10.K
    • TR-199.38
    • TR-195.18

Belpa DC Power Supplies

Belpa DC Power supplies come in different models. ITT Controls can provide these different models. For the correct power supply for your application, you should send an email to

  • First phase DC power supplies
    • GR-100.91
    • GR-100.71
    • GR-100.72
    • GR-100.73
    • GR-100.74
    • GR-101.10
    • GR-101.06
  • First phase linear power supplies in IP55
    • GR-GR-102.31 and 102.30
  • First phase linearly filtered power supplies
    • GR-2402.50, 2406.00 and GR-GR-2410.00
  • First phase stabilized power supply 24VDC
    • GR-2401.00
  • 3-phase DC power supplies
    • GR-100.7, 100.88 and GR-GR-100.56

Belpa Sine Wave Inverters

Belpa sine wave inverters come in various models. ITT Controls can provide these different models. For the correct converter for your application you should send an email to

  • Pure sine wave inverter
    • SK-200-212
    • SK-350-212
    • SK-350-224
    • SK 700-212
    • SK 700-224
    • SK 700-248
    • SK-1000-212
    • SK-1000-224
    • SK-1500-212
    • SK-1500-224
    • SK-1500-248
    • SK-2000-212
    • SK-2000-224
    • SK-2000-248
    • SK-3000-212
    • SK-3000-224
    • SK-3000-248
  • Pure sine wave inverter with automatic netdoorschakeling 230
    • ST-600-212
    • ST-600-224
    • ST-1000-212
    • ST-1000-224
    • ST-1000-248
    • ST-1500-212
    • ST-1500-224
    • ST-1500-248
    • ST-2000-212
    • ST-2000-224
    • ST-2000-248
    • ST-2500-212
    • ST-2500-224
    • ST-2500-248
  • remotes
    • CR 6 and CR-8

Belpa Fan Regulators

Belpa Fan Regulators come in several models. ITT Controls can provide these different models. For the correct regulator for your application, you can send an email to

  • 1 Phase shifter TBV fans
    • ATR 1.5
    • ATR 2.2
    • ATR-3
    • ATR-5
    • ATR-7
    • ATR-9
    • ATR-11
    • ATR-15
  • 1 Phase 5 speed fan control cabinet
    • VTR 201.55
    • VTR 202.25
    • VTR 203.05
    • VTR 205.00
    • VTR 207.00
    • VTR 209.00
    • VTR 211.00
    • VTR 215.00
    • VTR 222.00
  • 1 Phase 5 speed fan control cabinet with remote
    • VTR 101.50
    • VTR 102.20
    • VTR 103.00
    • VTR 105.00
    • VTR 107.00
    • VTR 109.00
    • VTR 111.00
    • VTR 115.00
    • Thst-5
    • SAA-5S
  • 3 Phase 5 speed fan control cabinet
    • VTR 302.01
    • VTR 304.01
    • VTR 307.01
    • VTR 311.01
    • VTR 314.01

Belpa Safety Transformers for Boilers

Belpa Safety transformer is available for different applications. Often these safety transformers are used in boilers.

The belpa safety transformer type: TR-172.63PZK

For more information about this Belpa transformer please send us an email at We will answer your question as soon as possible.

Belpa Ignition Transformers for Gas and Oil burners

If you need more information about Belpa Ignition Transformers for Gas and Oil burners please contact ITT Controls via


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