Barton Instruments launched in 2006 an accurate, repeatable and cost optimized measurement solution for a wide range of industrial applications.  NuFlo is a breakthrough product of Barton Instruments. The inherent design of the Barton Instruments DP Cone meter dramatically reduces required “real estate” and therefore offers a compact, rugged and low cost alternative to traditional measurement technologies.

NuFlo Gas and Liquid Turbine Meters were developed in 1957. Barton Instruments turbine meters are rugged and field-proven and have developed technically alongside the requirements of the international oil & gas and process control industries.

Today, NuFlo turbine meters have an unsurpassed reputation for withstanding severe environmental punishment while maintaining operational and measurement integrity.
Barton Gas and Liquid Turbine Meters For more than 30 years Barton has been at the
forefront of turbine meter commercialization and continues to be a respected and innovative
supplier of meters for fiscal measurement applications. Common to all Barton turbine meters
is symmetrical design for balanced flow forces; bi-directional flow measurement capability; high repeatability; large bearing surfaces for long maintenance cycles; long blades and small hubs for low pressure drops; high integrity bodies with no dynamic seals; convenient  magnetic pick-ups that do not require external power.

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NuFlo DP Cone Meter NuFlo Gas and Liquid Turbine Meters NuFlo Family of MC Totalizers


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