These Barton Instruments transmitters address liquid, gas or vapor service. General features include:

• Liquid-tight, explosion-proof case (no aluminum)
• Any calibrated range, including absolute variations, available as standard with the stated ranges
• Insensitive to normal vibration and show with the best available zero stability
• Zero and space adjustments are easily accessible
• No RFI generation (All DC circuitry)
• Outstanding temperature stability
• Independent, limited interacting range and zero controls

Model 752 Electronic Transmitter

• Standard ranges from 0 – 50 w.c. to 0 – 300 psid
• Addresses static pressures to 3,000 psig on standard models with 6,000 psig on special order
• Can be ordered with zero center or split ranges
• Actuated by 224C DPU

Model 753 Electronic Transmitter

• Couples the reliability of a bourdon tube with the sensitivity of a silicon strain gage
• Delivers .05% accuracy for measurement from 0 – 25 psi to 0 – 5,000 psi

Extra product images

Barton Instruments Model 752 Barton Instruments Model 753


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