Barton Instruments Pneumatic Transmitters and Controllers are designed for petroleum, production, navy shipboard and process plant applications. These devices has to meet the most stringent and demanding requirements.

Model 273 Transmitter – Actuated by 224C DPU
Model 274A Transmitter – Actuated by 199 DPU
Model 284C Transmitter – Actuated by 224C DPU
Model 285 DP Pneumatic Transmitter – Actuated by 199 DPU

General features of Models 273, 274A, 284A and 285 include:

• Rugged, weatherproof, non corrosive case
• Continuous purging (pilot valve and nozzle exhaust inside)
• Operation span continuously adjustable (100 – 20%)
• Adjustable suppression (up to 80% of range)
• Large valve relays (no need for secondary booster)
• Span continuously adjustable (down to 20% of range)
• Air consumption (at balance condition) 0.05scfm ma

Extra product images

Barton Instruments Model 274 Barton Instruments Model 284


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