IT-12 Indicating Transmitter

The Barton Instruments IT-12 DP Indicating Transmitter is designed to be retrofit into existing 6-inch Barton switch cases. These units provide local indication (process
driven) and 2-wire, 4-20 mA output — an ideal low-cost alternative for low
DP (at high static pressure) measurements — flow, liquid level, pressure, pressure drop,
absolute pressure, etc.


• 4-20 mA output (linear with pointer)
• Mechanical indication (easy to read)
• Remote low-battery indication
• Kit or Case assembly formats
• Output calibration jacks

The pointer movement is directly coupled to a precision potentiometer that produces an electrical signal that drives a linear 4-20 mA output.


The 6-inch diameter scale can be graduated uniformly for DP and liquid level or square root for direct reading of flow rate. Special scales are available for indicating liquid
quantity in tanks.


• Weather-proof — die-cast aluminum, with weatherresistant black epoxy resin paint finish. The cover lens is secured in the bezel with an elastomer ring, which acts as a seal between the bezel and the case. This ensures a moisture, fume, and dust free atmosphere for the
indicator/switch mechanism.
• Explosion-proof — certified by CSA

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Barton Instruments IT-12


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