Model 318C Indicating Switch

The Barton Instruments M318C DP Indicating-Switch meets MIL-S-901C Shock Grade A
and MIL-STD-167 Vibration Specs. Indicating pointer travels through a 270° arc over a compact 4-1/2 inch (114 mm) dial. Scales are calibrated in uniform increments (DP) or liquid level. Square root gradations are available for direct reading of flow rate. Special scales exist for fluid quantity in tanks. Widely used in jet engine and missile testing programs, aircraft ground support equipment, water treatment, and air conditioning systems, where weight and space are critical. Also used for liquid level indication of materials, such as: LOX, CO2, helium, nitrogen, hydrogen, and argon.


All these Barton Instruments models are available in single or dual snap-acting mechanical contact (SPDT) switch configurations. They can be set for high or low, or both when two
contacts are furnished. Set points are adjustable over entire scale, using a control
screw located flush with scale; settings are indicated by small reference scales in upper quadrants of the main scale.

• AC Rating:
• 5 amps @125V
• 2.5 amps @240V

• DC Rating:
• (Inductive) 2.5 amps @30V
• (Inductive) 0.1 amps @125V
• (Resistive) 4.0 amps @30V

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Barton Instruments 318C


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