ITT Controls also supplies products of Actaris Metering Systems. The products from Acteris Metering Systems are designed to increase customer satisfaction and to reduce the overall cost. The meters are uniquely constructed to give utilities just that little bit extra they need in a complex and competitive marketplace.

The unique modular design of the products of Actaris Metering Systems ensures that individual installation requirements can be met.

Actaris (gAvilar) WMR(G) / WMG and NL25 / NL35 Residentiele Regulator / Afsluiter

  • Actaris WMR
  • Actaris WMRG
  • Actaris WMG
  • Actaris WMRG – outdoor version
  • Actaris WMG – outdoor version
  • Actaris NL25
  • Actaris NL35

Actaris (Sperryn) gas pressure regulators and shut-off valves

  • Actaris G1000
  • Actaris L1000

Actaris (Itron) Medium Pressure regulators

  • Actaris Type RB1200
  • Actaris Type RB2000
  • Actaris Type RB3200
  • Actaris Type 133
  • Actaris Type 233
  • Actaris Type RR16
  • Actaris Type RB4700

Actaris (gAvilar) VR75 High – pressure Regulator

  • Actaris VR 75-RE Regulator with internal sensing line
  • Actaris VR 75-RF Regulator with external sensing line
  • Actaris VR 75-ÜE Relief valve with internal sensing line
  • Actaris VR 75-ÜF Relief valve with external sensing line

If you need more information about Actaris WMR(G) / WMG and NL25 / NL35 Residential Regulator / Shut-off valve please contact ITT Controls via

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