ITT Controls also supplies products of Actaris Metering Systems. The products from Acteris Metering Systems are designed to increase customer satisfaction and to reduce the overall cost. The meters are uniquely constructed to give utilities just that little bit extra they need in a complex and competitive marketplace.

The unique modular design of the products of Actaris Metering Systems ensures that individual installation requirements can be met.

Products of Actaris Metering Systems distinguish themselves because they are all modular and have integrated pressure taps. They also have lubrication free bearing surfaces, a 4-chamber design, AMR compatible and are tamper resistant.

The advantages of products from Actaris Metering Systems, products ITT Controls can offer, are their compact size, better overall aesthetics, fewer leak points, easy operation, flexible piping configurations, long life, maintenance-free operation and a cost effective temperature compensation.

Besides natural gas Actaris Metering Systems products also can be used for other materials. Please inform the sales department which product is the most suitable for your application.

ITT Controls delivers besides products from Actaris Metering Systems virtually all products and components for the petrochemical and process industries including manual valves, filters, pressure regulators, butterfly valves, pressure switches, combination controls, electronic flame detection and control, pilot burners and burners, further inflammation and regulation , thermoelectric safety, heating controllers comfort control, measuring and test equipment and many other products for the petrochemical and process industries.

If you want more information on products, parts and accessories of Actaris Metering Systems in the oil and gas industry please contact the sales department at


Actaris Gas Meters and Modules

Actaris Metering Systems is active in residential metering, commercial and industrial metering. These have not only the standard metering systems, but also the smart meters for extended use. With meters of Actaris Metering Systems it is also possible to read the meters remotely and is smart payment an option.

Various models of Actaris Gas Meters and Modules are:

Actaris ACDG1.6
Actaris Gallus
Actaris Metris
Actaris RF1
Actaris U6 , U16 and SC6
Actaris Atreva
Actaris C -series
Actaris e-series
Actaris RF1 sVZB
Actaris GallussV G
Actaris RF1 sV G

Commercial and industrial
Actaris Dattus
Actaris A-series
Actaris ACD G10 – G16 , G25 – G100
Actaris U -series Chart Meters
Actaris Delta Rotary Meter
Actaris FLUXI 2000/TZ Turbine meters
Actaris MZ Quantometer
Actaris Sparklog
Actaris C -Series
Actaris e-series
Actaris Corus
Actaris Focus
Actaris Alis 200
Actaris ISB +
Actaris Wincor
Actaris Winlog GPRS

Actaris Metering Systems Communication Modules
Actaris AnyQuest Cyble Enhanced
Actaris EverBlu Cyble Enhanced
Actaris Unigate
Actaris Cyble SC
Actaris Cyble Sensor
Actaris Cyble Sensor ATEX
Actaris Gallus i V PSC
Actaris RF1 i V PSC

Actaris Gas Regulator Technology

Actaris Metering Systems offer regulators for residential, commercial and industrial use. The Actaris Gas Regulator Technology portfolio serves all market segments. It meets almost any recognized standard and can be customized to individual specifications. All products of Actaris Metering Systems are available at ITT Controls.

Residential Regulators

Actaris 2R Series
Actaris B31 regulator
Actaris B42 regulator
Actaris B57 regulator
Actaris B58 regulator
Actaris HR90
Actaris HR91
Actaris KEMus
Actaris SERUs
Actaris WMR / EN

Commercial and Industrial Regulators

Actaris 133 and 233 Controller
Actaris B34 regulator
Actaris B38 regulator
Actaris B838 Controller
Actaris CL231 controller
Actaris CL31 Controller
Actaris CL34 Controller
Actaris CL38 Controller
Actaris CL838 controller
Actaris RB 1700/1800
Actaris RB 2000
Actaris RB 3200
Actaris RB 4000
Actaris RB 4600
Actaris RB 4700
Actaris RR 16

Field Service Controls
Actaris B35 regulator
Actaris B36 regulator
Actaris B56 regulator
Actaris VR75

Safety Devices
Actaris SRV 155
Actaris SRV 275
Actaris SRV 285
Actaris SRV 801/811
Actaris SRV 803
Actaris SSV 8200 and 8300
Actaris SSV 8500
Actaris SSV 8600

If you need more information about Actaris Gas Regulator Technology please contact ITT Controls via

Actaris Meter Data Management

Besides Data Management software Actaris Metering Systems provide the tools to collect and analyse the data. The software can give you an energy forecasting and can process this for customer care and billing.

Actaris Meter Data Management

  • Actaris Enterprise Meter Data Management
  • Actaris MV-90 xi

If you need more information about Actaris Meter Data Management please contact ITT Controls via

Actaris Regulator and Shut-off valves

Actaris (Sperryn) gas pressure regulators and shut-off valves

Actaris Relief Valves and Shut-off Valve

If you need more information about Actaris Relief Valves and Shut-off Valve please contact ITT Controls via

Actaris Dust Filters

If you need more information about Actaris Dust Filters please contact ITT Controls via

Actaris Gas Meter Bars and Connection Material

Actaris connecting material for placing a G10, G16 or G25 diaphragm gasmeter:


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