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Looking for Hydramotor Nuclear equipment?

The Hydramotor AH90, AH91, AH92, AH93, AH94, AH95, AH96, AH97, AH98 AH99, NH90, NH91, NH92, NH93, NH94, NH95, NH96, NH97, NH98 and NH99 are classified as Class IE, safety related equipment for nuclear power plants in accordance with IEEE standards 323, 344, 382 and 627. Hydramotor from Barton and ITT General Controls are supplied by ITT Controls. Contact the sales department for the right product or component. Mail us at

Besides the HydraMotor products ITT Controls supplies an extensive line of products like electronic enhanced solenoid valves, miniature valves, valves process automation, pneumatic and air preparation equipment, fuel, gas and oil, ATEX approved pilot valves, sensors and pressure / temperature switches, proportional valves, navy / navy solenoid and pneumatic valves, and nuclear products.

Almost all products can ben shipped out the same day when ordered. Ask advice from our sales department if you do not know exactly what product you need.

You can also order online via All Hydramotor parts and complete products are on stock and can be shipped immediately after payment has been received.

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Barton Nuclear Products

BARTON® Nuclear products are ideal for a variety of safety-related applications in nuclear power generating stations such as steam flow,
coolant flow, feedwater flow, steam generator level, pressurizer level, torus level, scram discharge level, and containment pressure.

Model 763A Gage Pressure Transmitter
Model 764 Differential Pressure Transmitter
Model 752 Differential Pressure Electronic Transmitter
Models 351, 352, 353 Liquid Level Systems
Model 288A DP Indicating Switch
Model 289A Differential Pressure Switch
Model 227A/AS DP Indicator
Model 580A Differential Pressure Switch
Model 581A Differential Pressure Switch
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