Looking for FEMA Valves for the oil and gas industry?

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Looking for FEMA Valves for the oil and gas industry?

The products of Fema can be used in many applications such as monitoring of flammable liquids and gases, as well as steam and hot water. Sensors and pressure switches play an important role in the management of plant and machinery. With products of Fema pressure it is possible to safely monitor and control. Clients appreciate the competence of this brand and the reliability.

Fema Valves for Oil & Gas Industry:

  • S4100 – Interlocked valve
  • S3000 – Angle safety valve
  • S4000 – Changeover valves
  • S3200 – Angle cryogenic safety valve
  • S3100 – Angle cryogenic safety valve

Besides special safety products and cold protection systems Fema also designs and manufactures safety and cryogenic valves for the oil, gas, cryongenic and aerospace industries.
For FEMA products and components please contact ITT Controls. You can always send an email to contact@ittcontrols.com. More information can also be found on our website: http://ittcontrols.com/brands/fema-valves/


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