Conoflow Regulators are now on stock!

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21 9 – 2017

Conoflow Regulators are now on stock!

Conoflowproducts are manufactured to industry standards. They are the product of yearsof experience. Conoflow is a leading producer of precision built and pneumaticinstruments, low pressure and high pressure regulators, actuators, positioners,transducers and diaphragm seals. The Conoflow line of low pressure Airpakfilter regulators as well as the GFX-Series Filters are designed to provideclean, accurate air to instruments.


ConoflowLow pressure regulator products are: FR95 Series Airpak® Filter-Regulator,GFH45/GFH75/GFH76 Airpak® Filter-Regulator, GFX02/GFX04 Series Filters, GH04Series Cushion Loading Regulator, GH10/GPG Series Manual Loading Regulators,GH20, GH40 & GH25 Series Service & Pressure Reducing Regulators,GH20VT/GH28VT Series Vacuum Regulators, GH21 & GDH21 Series DifferentalPressure Regulators, GH22 Series Ratio or Flow BoostingRelay,     GH30 Series Back Pressure Regulator.


ConoflowHigh Pressure Regulator products are: HP300 High Pressure Reducing Regulator,HP400 High Pressure Reducing Regulator, HP500 High Pressure ReducingRegulators, HP600 High Pressure Reducing Regulator, HP610 High PressureReducing Regulator, HP635 Series High Pressure Regulator, HP700 High PressureTwo-Stage Regulator.


Pleasecontact ITT Controls for all other Conoflow products. You you reach us at Please visit ourwebsite for more information:



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