Belimo Linear Actuators For Sale!

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Belimo Linear Actuators For Sale!

Belimo has a Complete Range of ventilation solutions with 5 years warranty. ITT Controls sells various products of Belimo for the oil and gas industry. The sophisticated fail-safe solutions provides you safety. Belimo is the obvious choice it you need responsible protection for people and tangible assets. ITT Controls can give you advice which product of Belimo is suitable for your needs.

Belimo CH: Linear actuators, 125 N (Cable connection)    
Belimo CH24-L…       Belimo CH230-L…       Belimo CH24-SR…   Belimo CH24-SX-L40.2    Belimo CH24-SX-R40.2   Belimo CH24-SX-L100.2    Belimo CH24-SX-R100.2    Belimo CH linear actuators. Compact design to fit in small spaces
Belimo LH..A: Linear actuators, 150 N (Cable connection)    
Belimo LH24A…       Belimo LH24A-SX60    Belimo LH24A-SR…       Belimo LH230A…   Belimo LH230ASR…   Belimo LH24A-MF…       Belimo LH and SH linear actuators. Efficient pull and thrust.
Belimo SH..A: Linear actuators, 450 N Standard types    
Belimo SH24A…        Belimo SH24A-SR…       Belimo SH230A…   Belimo SH230ASR…       Belimo SH24A-MF…       Belimo SHC24A-MF300   Belimo LH and SH linear actuators. Efficient pull and thrust.
Belimo LHK..A: Linear actuator, 150 N (Cable connection)   
Belimo LHK24A-1-100, 150 N       Belimo LHK24A-SR100, 150 N       Belimo LHK24A-SZ100, 150 N       Belimo LHK24A-MF100, 150 N
Belimo SHK..A: Linear actuator, 450 N (Cable connection) 
Belimo SHK24A-1-100, 450 N       Belimo SHK24A-SR100, 450 N       Belimo SHK24A-SZ100, 450 N       Belimo SHK24A-MF100, 450 N       Belimo SHK24A-MP100, 450 N        
Belimo LHQ..A: Linear actuators, 100 N, 3.5 s Standard types   
Belimo LHQ24A100, 100 N      Belimo LHQ24A-SR100, 100 N   Belimo LHQ24A-MF100, 100 N       Belimo Q Series fast-running actuators. Belimo SHQ..A: Linear actuators, 200 N, 7 s Standard types
Belimo SHQ24A100, 200 N   Belimo SHQ24A-SR100, 200 N       Belimo SHQ24A-MF100, 200 N       Belimo Q Series fast-running actuators
If you need more information about Belimo Linear Actuators please contact ITT Controls via or look at our website for more product information:


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