Asco General Controls AH90 and NH90 Actuators

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Asco General Controls AH90 and NH90 Actuators

The Asco General Controls AH90 / AH-90 and NH90 / NH-90 Hydramotors series are electro-hydraulic actuators. The actuators are widely used in nuclear power plant systems. They provide critical safety functions such as valve and damper operation. The Hydramotor AH90 / NH90 series are very reliable but regular maintenance and overhaul is very important.

Regular maintenance and repair of the Asco Hydramotor AH-90 / NH-90 series will significantly reduce certain problems that would otherwise cause a Rule infraction or shutdown. Itt Controls can deliver the necessary parts of the Asco hydramotor AH90/NH90 series and also can deliver the complete actuator.

The Asco AH90 and NH90 Hydramotor Series of Linear Actuators features a completely self-contained, hydraulic power system that has been integrally coupled to a hydraulic cylinder. The positive, firm positioning actuators are ideal for providing efficient and
precise linear control of valves, dampers, louvers, and a wide variety of other equipment requiring an operating thrust of up to 1,500 lbs. (680 kg), 3,000 lbs (1,360kg), or 4,000 lbs. (1,800 kg).

The Asco AH-90 and NH-90 Hydramotor Series of Linear Actuators is qualified as Class IE, safety related equipment for nuclear power generating stations in accordance with IEEE standards 323, 344, 382, and 627.

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