Asco AH91 / AH92 / AH93 / AH94 / AH95 / AH96 Actuators

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Asco AH91 / AH92 / AH93 / AH94 / AH95 / AH96 Actuators

Asco General Controls electro hydraulic actuator for HVAC dampers, globe valves, butterfly valves and plug valves series AH91 / AH92 / AH93 / AH94 / AH95 / AH96.

The Asco AH91 / AH92 / AH93 / AH94 / AH95 / AH96 offer effective, state-of-the art and very reliable linear control of HVAC dampers and valves.

Asco General Controls AH91 / AH96 series provide high trust accuracy and a 100% duty cycle. Manual control and fail-safe actuation for valves and other equipment.

Models AH91, AH92, AH93, AH94, AH95 and AH96 deliver 4000lbs of thrust. Furthermore they have an adjustable strok of 4″ maximum, adjustable spring close or spring open and a modulating or on-off.

The Asco AH91 / AH96 series feature a simple design for virtually no maintenance. Hydraulic controls are machined in one manifold.


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